About Mama

My name is Jeff Clark, CEO of MCB Services, Inc. I’d like to tell you about my Mama.

Susan Mable Clark, My Mama

Mary Bolton Clark was born in Warrenton, Georgia in 1948. She grew up on a small farm on the outskirts of town and worked in the fields, along side her mother and father and six brothers and sisters. It was a hard life during a time when most everyone in post-war Georgia was struggling just to make ends meet. She didn’t have the time to attend school, but learned how to read and write on her own. She was like that, when she set her mind on accomplishing something she eventually got it done.

When Mama was about 16, she met a good lookin man at church who had come to Warrenton to live with his Grandfather for awhile. Pretty soon, they became a couple and when the time was right, they moved back to his home in Harlem, New York. He found work in construction and Mama worked as a maid. Before that first year in Harlem had come to an end, I came along, and then my brother Roger and Kenny, and finally my little sister Kenna was born. My daddy was drafted into the Army and went to fight in Vietnam. We never saw him again.

Mama worked hard to keep us going. She believed that if you trusted in God and worked hard, He would take care of you. And He did.

She called me, “her little helper,” because sometimes I’d tag along with her as she worked. Mama would say, “the closest thing to godliness is cleanliness,” and “keep your own house in order before you look at someone else’s.” She taught me to put in 110% on anything I did so that it would be the best it could be, better than the rest. She’d say things like, “A new broom always sweeps better than an old one,” and, “try to learn something new every day to make the most of yourself.”

My Mama passed away a few years ago. I think of her every day. I decided to start a cleaning business in her honor and named it Mama’s Cleaning Business. I run this business the way my Mama would have. It’s based on hard work, doing the job the right way, putting in 110%, and always being honest. I think that makes her smile.