Cleaning Services

The cleaning business isn’t rocket science. Yes, knowledge and training are important because there’s definitely a right way and a wrong way to clean everything. Any reputable cleaning service has this knowledge or they would find themselves out-of-business very quickly without it. What’s important is being able to provide exactly the right services for a customer’s particular needs. Every situation is different, each is unique, and includes a distinct set of challenges. Mama’s Cleaning Business was built to address the specific needs of each individual customer. We don’t offer “cookie cutter” service packages (although if you have a cookie cutter, we can clean it). Instead, we work with each of our customers to identify exactly what they need and then we deliver exactly that.

Standard Cleaning Services

Of course all of the standard cleaning services are available to our customers. Everything from vacuuming to window washing, and dusting to cleaning toilets are a part of almost every job. We’re prepared to exceed your expectations with our basic services.

Special Services

It’s in the area of special services where Mama’s Cleaning Business will not just exceed your expectations, but rather leave you absolutely amazed. You name it and we can get it done. Need a ceiling fan hung, or track lights installed, we can do it. Need a bunch of old junk hauled off, or potentially hazardous material removed properly, we can do it. Got some plumbing problems that need attention, we can handle it. Yes, we’ll even cut the grass if that’s what you need done. And we absolutely love to clean up a home or office or factory you are moving into or out of.

Our work must past the toughest tests and exceed our customer’s expectations. In order to maintain the highest level of quality in our work, we ask ourselves a simple question, “Would Mama be proud of our work?”

When appropriate, we apply a proven process to the cleaning job, most often this involves industrial accounts. The process is referred to as the “5 S Wheel.” Following the 5S guide always produces outstanding results and satisfied customers.